Monday, March 17, 2014

The dangers of spearing Sailfish

Angry sailfish attacking spearfisherman
I recently watched a video Sailfish Attacks Cameraman were a friend of mine gets on the wrong side of a very upset sailfish. He was filming a fishing show and the fisherman on the ski foul hooked the sailfish. Grant jumped into the water to get the action underwater and the sailfish being hooked in the side had free reign to smack Grant ...

This made me think of a recent trip I did up the coast to Zululand with a client, Trevor Forster Black.
Trevor was fortunate after a few days of very slow spearfishing to shoot a good size Sailfish. It all happened so fast I did not think I had got the attack on film.
Trevor with his fish of a lifetime.
The first shot on the fish was good, but knowing sailfishes tendency to attack when you try and subdue them we put a second shot to try and kill the fish. The second shot was just off and all it did was aggravate the sailfish, Which then headed to the surface to get speed, and it landed just in front of Trevor who had to pull a 'Matrix' manoeuvre to get out the way. Fortunately the sailfish missed and Trevor landed his fish of a lifetime safely and with out indecent.

If you did not see the epic sailfish attack video have a look, its a classic.
Sailfish Attacks Cameraman



Monday, March 3, 2014

Best Spearfishing Birthday Present Ever

Click to watch this epic grand final
At the end of last year I had the privilege of taking Patrice Etlin on an epic spearfishing adventure for his 50th Birthday. No one could have in their wildest dreams have imagined the magical ending they had. It was incredibly special and it was awesome just to have been part of the whole thing.

Here is the final video put together by the ITZ team and Rich Leonard. This has to be the best representation of what a good spearfishing trip with an unbelievable fish is. If this does not make you smile then nothing will.

Here is the video: Spearfishing: Mozam Miracle Episode 3

Hope you enjoy